World View

Our experience leads us to believe the inherent truths in these quotes.

"The developer is the guy that runs the numbers"
- Joel Garreau, Washington Post

"Everyone needs adult supervision"
- Anonymous

"There are known unknowns and unknown unknows"
- Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defence

"The judicious use of capital for acquisition and planning prior to a project’s commencement requires a certain experienced skill set"
- Anonymous

"What were you thinking?"
- Unattributed

"Development projects need very large margins to justify the risks and illiquidity"
- Anonymous

"An entrepreneur is someone who can see a great opportunity with total disregard for the resources then at hand"
- Charles Stevenson, HBS

"The Syrians forgot that the road from Damascus to Tel Aviv was also the road from Tel Aviv to Damascus"
- Moshe Dayan, circa 1967, as quoted by Mort Zuckerman regarding interest rate fluctuations